Check Point Certified Security Master (CCSM) R80.10/20

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Course Outline

Check Point Certified Security Master (CCSM) R80.10/20

Duration: 3 days


Technical professionals who troubleshoot, optimize, and deploy Check Point in advanced configurations with multiple Software Blades to protect environments from threats.  


•    Check Point CCSE Certification


•    Obtain a deeper knowledge of the Check Point Security Management Architecture. 
•    Understand management processes and debugs. 
•    Understand how GuiDBedit operates. 
•    Understand how fw monitor captures packets. 
•    Understand how to use the fw debug process and debug infrastructures for User mode debugging. 
•    Discuss how to enable and use core dumps. 
•    Understand how to troubleshoot and debug SmartConsole and policy installation issues. 
•    Understand how to troubleshoot and debug NAT. 
•    Understand client side and server-side NAT. 
•    Describe how to configure port mapping services.  
•    Recognize how to debug VPN-related issues. 
•    Understand the processes and components used for policy installation and packet processing. 
•    Understand how to troubleshoot and debug Application Control and URL Filtering issues. 
•    Understand how to debug HTTPS inspection. 
•    Understand how to troubleshoot and debug Content Awareness, Anti-Bot and Antivirus, and Threat Prevention software blade issues.  
•    Discuss how to use the IPS Bypass feature. 
•    Understand how to to reduce IPS false positives. 
•    Understand hardware and operating system performance of Security Gateways. 
•    Understand how to evaluate hardware performance. 
•    Discover tools used in monitoring CPU utilization. 
•    Understand how to monitor cluster status and work with critical devices. 
•    Recognize how to troubleshoot synchronization. 
•    Recognize how to work with accelerated traffic. 
•    Understand how to use fwaccel dbg and sim dbg. 
•    Understand how to configure CoreXL for performance. 
•    Understand how to deploy IPv6.

Course Topics

•    SmartConsole and policy management
•    Advanced database management 
•    Advanced Network Address Translation (NAT) 
•    VPN troubleshooting 
•    Kernel Mode and User Mode troubleshooting 
•    Troubleshooting access control policies 
•    Troubleshooting Threat Prevention policies 
•    Optimization and tuning 
•    Advanced clustering 
•    Acceleration debugging 
•    Deploying IPv6 


•    Exploring the Postgres Database and querying Solr 
•    Debugging the object creation process 
•    Advanced firewall troubleshooting 
•    Identifying issues with SmartConsole 
•    Troubleshooting management issues 
•    Troubleshooting the policy installation process 
•    Investigating Network Address Translation issues 
•    Using alternative methods of NAT 
•    Troubleshooting VPN issues 
•    Troubleshooting Application Control, Content Inspection, and IPS 
•    Evaluating hardware related optimization 
•    Troubleshooting ClusterXL 
•    Troubleshooting Security Gateway failover 
•    Troubleshooting Management High Availability 
•    Troubleshooting SecureXL 
•    Working with CoreXL 
•    Implementing IPv6

Test & Certification

Prepare for exam #156-115.80 

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Further Information

Please note that Check Point only offer e-kit courseware for training courses. Each delegate will be provided with an official set of e-kit courseware.