Level 3 Oxygen Therapy Administration

CodeOXY CurriculumHealth & Safety Sub-CategoryFirst Aid

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Course Outline

Level 3 Oxygen Therapy Administration

Duration 6 hours

This training enables users to administer oxygen safely and effectively. Delegate will learn how and when to administer oxygen to a casualty and the safety concerns with storing and administering it.

This course is suitable for qualified First Aiders, Emergency First Aiders and those working within healthcare, dental and other environments where medical oxygen is available.

This 6-hour course enables delegates to : -

•    Identify the benefits of oxygen therapy
•    Identify the indications for the use of oxygen
•    Recognise contraindications prohibiting use of oxygen
•    Understand the dangers of using compressed gas
•    Understand health and safety rules for the use and storage of oxygen 
•    Operational checks in preparation for use of oxygen therapy equipment
•    Identify when oxygen therapy is required
•    Administer oxygen to a patient in line with agreed ways of working
•    Perform CPR
•    Defibrillation

Our courses are very “hands-on” as we believe actually practicing the techniques is a far more effective way of learning. Practical demonstrations and exercises, supported by on-screen presentations and lots of verbal interaction is our way of training.

This qualification lasts for 3 years. However, it is recommended that during the 3-year period, the learners attend annual refresher courses